The Vision

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The Vision

Picture this:

You just crushed about six beers in the span of one hour at your weekly Saturday daylong, darty, dage – whatever you like to call it. As you start to think about what creative way you’ll down number seven, you remember that your $200 sunglasses are sitting on top of your head, so you reach up to pull the shades to your face – but then your heart drops to the bottom of that can as you realize you’re grabbing at nothing – the shades are gone.

Your day is ruined because you’ve either just instantly sobered up or you’re about to drink your sorrows away. 

How many of us can say we know the feeling? Probably one too many.

Well, to hell with the expensive sunglasses.

That’s what we’d say here at Release Sunglasses at least. Our inventory is stocked with trendy, quality shades that are compatible for any college student. Sure, that’s a huge claim to make, but we’ve got bragging rights.

Release Sunglasses was founded by two college kids who know exactly what the demographic wants and needs out of a pair of shades: style, comfort, quality, a price that fits into the college budget and a boost of confidence.

When you wear a pair of Release glasses, we want you to not only feel like a boss, but to know that you are one. We want our shades to give you the balls you’ve always needed to talk to that girl or guy you’ve had your eye on, to jump up on the elevated and dance like you don’t care, to take any risk, to celebrate every success, to ace that exam – to ultimately do whatever it is that you want to do.

Our vision is to bring Release to college campuses nationwide. We don’t know if Release will ever make it big, but we do know that our success over the past year has been great. We’ve created exactly what college kids want out of a pair of sunglasses, and our customers love the way they look and feel in them.

So, cheers to our future, and to yours. Raise your glass, put on your shades, and Release the Beast with us.


  • Gabe Prutzer

    Amazing quality and style for an unbeatable price

  • Jack Hogarth

    Always happens to me! I love release

  • Zach Rudoy

    This actually happened to me! Release is the best.

  • Shane Walker

    Unreal sunglasses!!!

  • Eli Lieberman

    Best sunglasses on the market

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