Look Up


Turtle Shell


Turtle Shell Frames available HERE





Shot on RED. @Theodonkkk

Red Epic


This is a screen grab from a video that the crew is hard at work on. Filmed on the Red Epic. Crazy camera. Will be posted in the video section of the web site.

Orange Sparx

Orange Sparx availble HERE

Pink Franklins


The all new Pink Franklins are available now. 

Max Burnside

Recently we have been doing some work with Max Burnside (rocking the Lines above). Max produces mad beats. Check out his music here. This photo was taken by Nicole Theodore. Nicole is always up to interesting things in the fashion world. Keep up with both of them. Links below.

Max's Twitter
Nicole's Twitter


Some of our crew rocking the new Hex shades.

Hannah in The Arcade


The Cleveland Arcade. A hidden gem.

Miami Girls

Photo from one epic party in the former Release headquarters at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Release, Paddy Quinn, & Grace Valerie

A while back we did some work with Paddy Quinn out in California. He was working on a photo shoot with Grace Valerie, and this is one of the wicked shots he got. Paddy is currently producing some great videos, while Grace is on the rise in the music industry. Below is an outrageous video from Grace. Click play. Do it. Now. Seriously.

High End

 release sunglasses

The Lines are available here.

The Dean's List

the deans list 

We filmed a video for The Dean's List a little while ago. This is a screenshot from it. Crowd was going wild. 


downtown cleveland ohio release sunglasses 

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. This is where we are currently located. Always looking up...

Orange Sparx

 orange sunglasses

This photo was shot where Release was founded, looking out over the streets that never seemed to sleep. The sunglasses above, the orange Sparx with transparent frames, are available here.

Coventry Street Fair


His mom wouldn't buy him the shades...

The Beginning


This was the first photo that was on our first website back in March of 2011. 

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