Our Story

Founded in the Summer of 2012, Release Sunglasses finds its roots on the college campus. With the goal of bringing perpetually preppy and consistently classic sunglasses to college students at an affordable price, Release strives to be at every tailgate, vacation, and outdoor adventure. Whether its move in day into the freshmen dorms, or senior year graduation on the lawn, Release Sunglasses wants to embark on the college journey with you that is the best four years of your life. Wear Release, Live in the Moment, Be Yourself, and See the Vision. Cheers.

Our Standards

  • The standard is to always shoot your shot
  • The standard is to celebrate every win
  • The standard is to treat every Saturday like gameday
  • The standard is to do you
  • The standard is to create the only sunglasses that matter
  • The standard is the standard