Meet the Beasts

Each semester we add people to our growing number of Beasts from around the country. These Beasts encompass what Release stands for shares this brand with as many people as possible. To join this team, hit the Become a Beast tab at the top of the screen. See The Vision. 


Beast Class of Spring, 2019:

Robert Kessler

 Hey, you didn’t ask but Release Sunglasses changed my life. I used to just be that short kid from Maryland but now, since I have the Sparx pair to wear I’m the coolest kid on Penn State’s campus. Granted, I’m still short, but I look cooler so that’s a win for me. “You win some, you lose some” but with Release Sunglasses on, even when you lose, you win. That’s why I feel like a winner everyday. I’d fight the Sun if I could and now that I own sick affordable sunglasses, I just might.  


Jack Sternitzke

What’s up? I legitimately used to spend tons of time looking for sunglasses, both online and in person. Even when I found a pair I liked, the steep price always held me back from buying them. When I came to Penn State, I discovered Release Sunglasses, specifically the Sparx Black Smoke, and getting myself a pair was a no brainer. They were affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing glasses that fit what I was looking for. Now, whenever I go to tailgates, football games, and anywhere else with my Release shades, I really do #SEETHEVISION.



Max Wasserman

Sup? It wasn’t easy to become the Co-Founder and Top Model at Release Sunglasses. I spent long hours peddling sunglasses throughout my high school and even longer hours looking at myself in the mirror. As a Cleveland, Ohio native, I made the choice to spread Release to another terrain, Penn State University. Whether I’m tailgating football games or just hanging out with my friends, I always #SeeTheVision.


Josh Shikoff

Whaddup Pop. I wear my Release Sunglasses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wear my Sparx to class, my Clubmasters to the gym, and my Wizards to sleep. Why? It’s a lifestyle, I mean how else would I #ReleaseTheBeast in my everyday life. As a Co-Founder of the company, reigning from Richboro, Pennsylvania, I realized I had to bring the Release culture to my family and friends at Penn State. When I’m not working to grow our company, I enjoy running, cooking, and investing. Just beast things.