Pure Water Access Project is a non-profit organization founded by undergraduates at The Ohio State University aimed at solving the water crisis through a dual-nature approach that combines humanitarian efforts with cultural research. PWAP designs field studies in developing regions of the world to objectively anazlyze various water filtration methods, with a special focus on recognizing the cultural barriers that prevent long-term sustainability of humanitarian efforts around the globe. Compiling data about these cultural barriers will enable us to determine a model of water-filtration to be implemented on a large scale, by a wide variety of organizations. What is unique about PWAP is that while we are focused on a methodical, research-based approach to the water crisis, any funds raised for our organization go towards purchasing water filters that will be used by indigenous people who are very much in need of them. To learn more, please visit our website at | Twitter | Facebook

We have partnered with the Pure Water Access Project, and we would love for you to be a part of helping us make a change in our world. 50% of each sale will be given to this project in order to foster growth and opportunity for us all to help those in need. Do your part. See The Vision. Change the world.


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